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First grade at OSCS is a key year for students; they are bridging the gap from their first school experience as Kindergarteners to becoming independent thinkers and learners. To ensure all first graders are given the proper tools for learning, OSCS uses the most elite curricular materials to foster this goal; for example, Reach for Reading, Go Math, Interactive Science and, My World are tools utilized to ensure mastery of all Florida Standards.

Math: In First grade, our students focus on eight key areas as required by the Florida Standards: Number and Numeration, Operations and Computation, Data and Chance, Measurement, Geometry, Patterns, Functions, and Algebra are all taught throughout the year and are assessed frequently to ensure all benchmarks are mastered.

Reading: Our teachers focus on phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. This is achieved through both independent discoveries as well as through teacher guided reading groups. Students are expected to read every night at home as well to promote independence, reading for meaning, and to develop a love for reading. Accelerated Reader or AR tests may be taken afterward to assess comprehension and encourage students to read more.

Language Arts: Each week our students will be assigned 12-15 spelling words per week depending on the teacher; spelling will be assessed every Friday. Not only does becoming a good speller complement reading skills; in fact, it  ameliorates writing skills. Furthermore, students will gain knowledge of “core writing skills “and later execute their own narratives, friendly letters, biographies, and persuasive and expository essays. In addition, students will keep a writing journal to show improvements in their writing throughout the year.

Science: Taught primarily by a “hands on approach,” students learn through discovery; students experiment with their peers and gain a better understanding of the world around them.

Social Studies:This subject asks students to examine the world in which they reside. By analyzing their community, school, and world traditions, students evaluate the historical significance of their past in order to understand their place in the present, yet, enrich future perspectives. To disseminate knowledge and stimulate critical thinking skills in gifted classes, the Social Studies curriculum employs noteworthy executions such as: Scholastic News and Weekly Reader magazines for students to enjoy.

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