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Students will read, interpret, make predictions, summarize, comprehend, analyze and apply the skills of Main Idea and Details, Compare/Contrast, Cause/Effect, Sequence of Events, Description and Problem/Solution through a variety of genres, texts (Fiction and Non-Fiction), and Poetry.

Students will also understand Text Features and Text Elements, Multiple-Meaning Words, Figurative Language, Context Clues, Dictionary/Thesaurus skills and how to apply these skills to make sense to the reading.

Students will be assessed informally and formally in Comprehension, Fluency, Phonics, Short responses, Oral and Written Presentations.


Students will research, conduct and experiment science inquiry and the scientific method through labs, experiments and science fair.

Life and Environmental Science: Understand the ecosystem, habitats and conservation of plants and animals.

Earth and Space Science: Explore the Solar System, Planets and Phases of the Moon. Understand the effects weathering and erosion has on the Earth’s crust, changes of the Earth and the Rock Cycle.

Physical and Chemical: Students will learn about the different types of Energy (Chemical, Nuclear, Solar, and Thermal), the States of Matter (Liquid, Solid, Gas) and Force and Motion.


Student will learn the process of writing: Brainstorming, Planning, Pre-Writing, Editing, Conventions, and Spelling.

Students will write Poetry, Short stories, Biographies, Expository and Narrative Essays. Students will be formally assessed in Expository and Narrative Writing (Orange Writes and FCAT).

Social Studies:

Students will begin to explore Florida (People, Places, Animals, Landscape, Landmarks, Climate and Culture) through: History (St. Augustine, Explorers, Native Tribes); Science/Technology (Kennedy Space Center); Geography (Everglades); Culture (Miami, Cuban and Carribean influence); Citizenship (Voting); Government (Tallahassee); Florida Symbols (flag, gemstone, mammal, fish, agriculture); and Wars (Seminole and Civil War).


Students will:

  • Compare, estimate, add/subtract, multiply and divide Whole Numbers.
  • Read and write numbers in Expanded Notation, through Billions Place Value and estimate differences.
  • Add, subtract, multiply, compare, order and reduce Fractions.
  • Measure, classify, name, describe, and draw Angles.
  • Describe characteristics of line segments, lines and rays.
  • Understand and solve multiplication and division problems through a variety of methods (Arrays, Models, Distributive, Traditional  and Lattice Methods).
  • Collect and interpret Data.
  • Make a (Tally, Bar, Double Bar, Line) graph to find Mean, Mode and Medium.
  • Describe relationships in U.S. Customary and Metric units of length, weight and capacity.
  • Identify, use and understand Patterns in Algebraic Expressions.
  • Calculate perimeter, area and volume of a 3-d shape.
  • Define and describe the Properties of Polygons (regular, convex and non convex).

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